From the bottom of our lucky, grateful, humbled hearts: thank you. 

Thank you for braving the heat, for second-lining, for eating every last ounce of food, for dipping your toes in the pool and dancing all night right alongside us.

Each and every one of you showed up and we really felt the love.

Red beans & ricely yours,
Mr. Rosenberg & Mrs. Bienvenue

Welcome friends & family!

When we started throwing around ideas of what we wanted this wedding to be, Brooklyn was the obvious choice. We toured lofty, urban spaces and looked into locally sourced food trucks and imagined photos under the Brooklyn Bridge.

But it was Barry who said … “Why don’t we do this in New Orleans?”

Despite the fact that Laurén is always wistfully talking about “NOLA” or where they should eat when they go there, she didn’t think of it. But she didn’t need a lot of convincing.

So we’re heading on down past the Mason Dixon!

We hope you come ready to celebrate with us but also carve out time to explore the city. It is a beautiful, vibrant place filled with obscene, intoxicating, contagious joy. Take the time to eat indulgent meals, wander, accept the oppressive humidity, talk to people, smell the cypress and Spanish moss, ride the streetcar down St. Charles Avenue, join someone else’s second line, experience the greatness of a go-cup, go see live music, marvel at the architecture wonder why you’re not spending the rest of your days in a French revival row house. It is the closest thing to being in Europe without leaving the country.

This is where time and people move slower. We hope you will too.

We’re so excited for you all to join in on the fun in New Orleans with us.

Love New Orleans, and it will love you back. – Drew Brees